Remarketing / Resale
SCS is a leader in asset management and investment recovery. SCS works with national and international buyers, regardless of business type or volume of equipment needed. SCS gives the greatest value whether assets are sold in bulk or individually.

Transport / Logistics
SCS offers on time delivery of critical data and equipment between office locations, data centers, and disaster recovery sites. Our delivery service is customized to your specific needs. Our experienced staff efficiently prepares shipments of monitors, CPUS telecom, and networking systems of all sizes for delivery.

Valuations / Appraisals / Site Inspections
SCS professionals perform on-site surveys and equipment reports. These reports include verification of functionality, specification, and the equipment’s value. We are experienced in dealing with telecom systems, computer networking, and audio-visual equipment.

Sanitizing / Disk Wipes / Destruction
SCS performs all levels of HIPAA and DOD compliant disk sanitizing on PC’s and servers. A detailed log and SCS certificate will be issued upon completion of removal of all asset tags, identifying labels, and a cleared hard drive.

Our company complies with all OSHA and EPA guidelines. ISO 9000 Techniques and standards are all in place. Technical staff is available for consultation. We customize our process according to the needs of each customer.